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What Are Car Repairs?

Why Does My Car Need Repairing Again?

a wonderful mark 2 ford cortina classic car in light mint metalic blue being lovingly repaired by an excel mechanic

Your car is a complex wonder. The diverse technologies involved in a modern vehicle have been refined over many years. Today’s cars are extremely reliable but given the sheer amount of mechanical parts, electrical circuits, electronics and flammable liquids it’s no surprise that things will sometimes go wrong and need repairing.

Top 10 Car Repair Problems

in for repairs a suburu car up high on a ramp in excels chesterfield garage
  1. Engine Not Running Correctly
  2. Exhaust System Faults
  3. Electrical Systems (Ecu etc)
  4. Injection Problems
  5. Car Not Starting
  6. Engine Over Heating
  7. Gear Selection Issues
  8. Cam Belt Snapped
  9. Steering Problems
  10. Broken Suspension

Excel Automotives Car Garage Services For Chesterfield

Engine Not Running Correctly

a volkswagon beetle in need of engine repairs with its boot lid up revealing a very poorly engine


  • Partial or complete loss off engine power
  • Vibrations through vehicle body and steering wheel
  • Odour from the engine bay
  • Unusual noise
How To Fix

Isolate the problem by determining if the issue is fuel, electrical or mechanical related.

  • Vibrations through your vehicle body could suggest your engine pistons or crank shaft which is a very expensive job.
  • Odours indicate a possible cylinder head gasket failure. Check your water reservoir for signs of oil or scum.
  • If you hear noises check visually around your engine bay for any debit or objects fouling your engines external moving parts such as belts and pulleys.
  • Check you have a spark at all of your engines spark plugs. If not check the spark plug lead and coil pack.

Engine Wont Start

ford transit van not starting with bonnet up and one of our mechanics running tests


  • When you turn your ignition key to the start position your engine does nothing
  • When you turn your ignition key to the start position your engine turns over very slowly but does’t start.
  • When you turn your ignition key to the start position your engine turns over at normal speed but does’t start.
  • When you turn your ignition key to the start position your engine turns over unusually fast but does’t start.
How To Fix

Determine if the issue is fuel, electrical or mechanical related.

  • If you cant hear your engine turning over check your starter motor and battery power output.
  • If your battery and starter are good but your engine doesn’t turn look at wiring loom connections, electrical relays and possible ECU faults.
  • If your engine turns check for a spark at the spark plugs and make sure their is fuel to the engine.
  • If you have a spark but no fuel check there is fuel in your tank then trace where the fuel gets to.
  • If you have fuel but you don’t have a spark check: HT leads, coil packs and your ignition amplifier.
  • If your engine turns over unusually fast your cam belt may have snapped.

Brakes Not Functioning Correctly

close up of a porsche car brake shoes being repaired by replacing the pads and disks and regreasing


  • Your brakes don’t stop your car like they use to.
  • You can hear noises such as grating or grinding like metal on metal.
  • There is a smell coming from some of your braking components.
  • Your car pulls to one side whilst braking.
  • You can see fluid around your wheels, brake pipes or brake cylinders.
  • You find you are topping up brake fluid more often.
  • When your car is moving you press your brake pedal and there is no braking at all.
  • When you press your brake pedal their is little to no braking.
How To Fix

For slight to medium loss of braking the culprit is usually the brake disks. Check for scores and replace. You should also change your pads if your disks are scored as they will have the same grooves worn into their braking face reducing braking performance even more.

  • On inspection if your brake discs are scored replace them.
  • On inspection if your brake pads are scored or worn to or near their limits replace them.
  • Check all brake pipes for any signs of damage, corrosion or leaks and replace where necessary.
  • Check brake cylinders and replace if leaking or have perished rubbers.
  • Check brake top up reservoir for leaks or damage.
  • Check all brake pipes for leaks or signs of damage.
  • Check any brake pedal linkages.
  • Bleed your brakes.

Cambelt Snapped

excel mechanic replacing a ford cars broken cam belt


  • Your engine turns over unusually fast but never actually starts.
  • When you turn your ignition key your engine fails to turn at all and you may notice dimming dash board lights.
  • Your car’s engine rattles when trying to start.
How To Fix

All the items below are clear signs you have suffered a broken cambelt. This is a very skilled job to put right and will be costly in terms of parts, machining and labour.

  • Oil in your water reservoir.
  • Scum in your water reservoir.
  • Visually inspect around your engine pulleys and underneath your engine bay for any or your broken cam belt pieces hanging or wedged.

We Can Repair Your Car No Matter Who Manufactured It!

  • Ford
  • Suburu
  • Volvo
  • Volkswagen
  • Mitsubishi

Gearbox Problems

car gearbox not working


Any issues involving gear selection, gearbox noises or vibrations.

  • Can’t select 1 or more gears.
  • Gearbox crunching noises.
  • Slipping out of any gear
How To Fix
  • If you cant select 1 or more gears this could be a simple gear linkage problem. Check linkages for play and accurate movement.
  • Check gearbox oil level.
  • Crunching or whining noises could be worn or broken internal gears.

General Electrical Issues

car electrician fault finding a car starting issue


  • Lighting Issues
  • Car Engine Wont Start
  • Dashboard Switch Problems
  • Electric Windows & Sunroof Not Closing Or Opening
  • Dashboard Warning Lights
How To Fix

This can be caused by many problems

  • Check all wires for signs of damage or corrosion.
  • Dashboard Warnings
  • Starter Motor & Alternator
  • Exhaust Repairs
  • Gearbox & Gear Selection Issues
  • Suspension Springs & Shockers

ECU Problems

mercedes ecu close up being disconnected for repair


  • Engine Not Running Correctly
  • Dashboard Warnings
  • Starting Problems
  • Stuck In Safe Limp Mode
  • Engine Cut Outs

Unfortunately your Ecu is expensive to replace. You can sometimes get an after market 3rd party Ecu or a second hand Ecu.

How To Fix
  • Check All wiring to and from your Ecu
  • Get your Ecu’s fault codes read & checked
  • Check any connections for tightness of fitting, signs of corrosion and damage.
  • Check HT leads

Suspension Problems

close up underneath a vauxhall showing leaking shock absorbers


  • Feel every road pothole or defect.
  • Really poor cornering.
  • Noises from suspension areas.
  • Needs new tyres more often.
  • Wheel or wheels catch on vehicle body.
How To Fix
  • Look for signs of oil around your shock absorbers and replace if leaking. Note you should change them in pairs either front or and back.
  • Check all four corners of your vehicle for any obvious height difference and replace any that are particularly low on both axles.

Fuel Pipes & Connections

under vehicle close up of corroded fuel pipes in desperate need of repair


  • Car Wont Start
  • Smell Of Fuel
  • Engine Splurs & Cuts Out Sporadically
How To Fix

You can buy a brake pipe kit for your car including everything you need. We use many different tools to hand make any braking pipes your car may need.

  • Check pipes for damage, leaks and stains and corrosion and replace where applicable
  • Check connections for damage, leaks and stains and corrosion and replace where applicable

Exhaust System Faults

close up of suburu exhaust sytem that has aged and weathered until the middle box leaks


  • Loss Of Vehicle Power
  • Blowing Sounds From Your Exhaust System
  • Unusual Odours
  • Using More Fuel
How To Fix

You need to know exactly which section of your exhaust system needs replacing.

  • Visually inspect under the car whilst the engine is idling listening for any escaping air from the system. Home in on any noises and carefully and thoroughly inspect for corrosion and damage. Pay particular attention to all your exhaust joints as these are literally a hot spot for leaks.
  • Under your bonnet in your engine bay follow your exhaust system to the point it is bolted to your engines inlet manifold. Check for stains which are good leak indicators. Also check where the exhaust manifold bolts to the engine as this is a frequent problem area and usually the most expensive. Make sure your engine is running throughout or you wont hear your leak.


Excel’s Repair Team

Here at Excel Automotives we understand the importance of having your vehicle fully functional at all times. That’s why we try our hardest to work around you. Getting your car back to you as soon as our fully trained, experienced, expert car repair mechanics have diagnosed, provided a free quote for and repaired your car so you can get on with your busy day. Or you can borrow a loan car from us free of charge (subject to availability). Or why not just relax in our comfy waiting room with a coffee while we repair your car.

a dismantled car engine bay with engine completly removed to faciltate access for major repairs

Car Repair Experts

From 1983 until now and beyond we have and will continue repairing Chesterfield’s poorly cars. We have repaired cars made by most manufacturers so our experience often equates to smaller repair bills. Our dedicated car mechanics are well experienced with previous and current vehicle designs and specifications.

  • Very Latest Computer Aided Diagnostics
  • Established Over 20 Years
  • Big Savings On Main Dealers
  • Petrol & Diesel Vehicles
  • Free Local Collection & Delivery
  • Minimum Of 12 Months Parts & Labour Guarantee
  • Fully Trained Mechanics
  • Repairing Of Cars & Vans
  • Free Loan Car
  • OEM Or Genuine Parts
  • No Work Done Without Approval
close up of a dismantled car engine being examined for all possible fault failure causes
What Is The Cause Of This Required Repair?

Not only will we fix your problem we will also find the cause so you wont be incurring needless repair expense.

Which Cars We Repair

We don’t care what you drive as your everyday car. All we care about is always being able to fix it for you. Sporty or economy, old or new. Car or van from Ford & Vauxhall to Audi & BMW. We have fixed them all and we’ll continue to keep all our team up to date with the latest vehicle manufacturers data, techniques and automotive technologies.

comical bright green chesterfield transit van in for repairs to its engine
Most Popular Car Repairs
  1. Volvo
  2. Ford
  3. Vauxhall
  4. Volkswagen
  5. BMW
  6. Mercedes
  7. Renault

What We Can Repair

Our specialist mechanics can handle any car repair you may require including: engine, airbag and ABS diagnosis, clutch replacement and timing belt repairs, exhaust systems for both petrol and diesel cars and vans.

If you need us

If you need your car repairing you can call us on Chesterfield (01246) 455 863. You can book car repairs Monday, Tuesday & Friday from 8AM to 5PM and Wednesday & Thursday 8AM to 6PM at our Chesterfield garage near Sheffield.

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