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New Car Tyres

close up of a tyre with a digital tread depth measure displaying in milimeters 1.23 which makes this tyre illegal

For great prices on tyres in north Chesterfield with some of the best tyre deals in Chesterfield we can replace your worn or damaged tyres, balance your wheels and refit them to your car. With a large stock of popular tyres including performance tyres and standard economy tyres for most manufacturers of cars and vans just call into our car tyre garage.

Best Selling Tyres

excel tyre fitter fitting a brand new performance volvo tyre
  1. Economy
  2. Michelin
  3. Firestone
  4. Bridgestone
  5. Continental
  6. Pirelli

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Do I Need New Tyres?

damaged and very badly worn tyre that has been illegal for some considerable time

Generally Speaking

You should be ok if your tyres are:

  • 1.6mm deep tread or more across 75% tyre face
  • Same Size
  • Same Type

What The Law Says

According to U.K law your tyres must have a minimum tread depth of 1.6mm across 75% of the tyre’s entire face, be of the same size and type and be suitable for the purpose of which the vehicle is being used. If you are unsure pop in and one of our Chesterfield tyre fitters will check all your tyres free of charge. Don’t risk 3 points and up to £2,500 fine.

How Do I Know Which Tyres I Need?

close up of a tyre side wall showing the tyres size to aid in replacent

Where To Look

  • Your tyre sizes will most likely be printed in raised rubber on your tyres outer side wall
  • Check online for your exact make and model
  • Call in to Excel
Where Else Can I Look?

If you have a manufacturers manual for your car you can find the tyre type and sizes with minimal effort. You can also look on your car tyre walls or you can just call our Chesterfield tyre fitters and call in. We will be happy to check them for you and advise accordingly. Call us on 01246 455 863 for a free quote.

Tyre Fitting

excel tyre fitter preparing a car rim to snuggly fit its new tyre

Fitted While You Wait

Our specialist tyre fitters in Chesterfield can fit your tyres for you while you wait. Even if you haven’t bought them from us we will happily fit them for you.

We Do It All

remove your vehicle wheels, fit your tyres, balance and re–fit your wheels.

Puncture Repairs

tyre with a nail sticking out and an excel tyre expert pointing straight at it

Locate The Puncture

Occasionally there is no trace of the puncture but it will be visible once the tyre is removed.

It’s Here Some Where

Locate the puncture, usually a protruding screw, nail or a piece of metal or glass.


Rotate the tyre manually whilst examining the tyre’s face and walls. You can also rub your palms and fingers gently across the tyre feeling for any irregularities. To prevent injury make sure you do this very slowly.

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Remove The Puncture Obstruction

removing of the nail using heavy duty wire cutters and a little patience

Get It Out

If it is still lodged in the tyre use some heavy duty wire cutters and strong side to side movements to remove the object that originally caused the puncture.


Try using some heavy duty cable cutters. They’re great for gripping and tugging.

Roughen The Tyre’s Punctured Area

close up of a tyres inner surface being gently roughed with a specialists tyre scuffer

Make It Stick

We use an air tool to roughen the surface all the way around the puncture to provide a key for the tyre puncture repair solution to properly bond.


You can use some good emery cloth or sand paper.

Repair The Tyre’s Puncture

tyre with a puncture plug patch being held in place by the repairer

Stick It

After the solution has ’gone off’ thread the patch leg through the hole and hold it for a few minutes to allow the tyre, solution and patch to bond.


Make sure the patch solution has actually gone off before you insert the punctur repair patch. Go wrong here and your repair will definitely fail.

The Tyre’s Puncture Is Now Perfectly Repaired

puncture plug now cut off level with the tyre and good to go once more

Finished At Last...Almost

Finally cut off the protruding puncture repair patch leg back to the tyre’s face. Your tyre can now go on to reach its natural life expectancy.


Be careful where you park. Avoid parking too close to building sites, industrial parks and skips.

Excel Tyres

Great prices, friendly, helpful staff and here for 30 years plus are what make us your only Chesterfield destination (S41 9EF) for new tyres.

this tyre will definately get you 3 points on your license it is very bald

Tyre Worries Solved!

If you have any concerns about your tyres such as low tread depth, egg shaped bulges on your tyre’s wall or cracks and perishing surfaces call in and we’ll check them for free.

Tyre Experts

  • Many popular Tyres From Some Of Europe’s Best Tyre Manufacturers
  • Most Popular Sizes Always In Stock
  • Full Fitting Service
  • Winter Tyres
  • Track Tyres
  • Racing Tyres
  • Tyre & Wheel Balancing
  • Prices To Suit All Budgets
  • Waiting Room With TV, Tea & Coffee

Which Cars We Supply & Fit Tyres

No matter which car or van you drive we will be able to supply and fit new tyres for you at our garage in Chesterfield while you wait with a cuppa.

Most Popular Tyre Problems
  1. Illegal Tread Depth
  2. Cracks
  3. Splits
  4. Perished
  5. Egged
  6. Physical Damage

New Tyre’s Anyone?

Need new tyres for your car or van? Give us a call for a free quote and availability on: 01246 455 863. You can book your car in for new tyres Monday, Tuesday & Friday from 8AM to 5PM and Wednesday & Thursday 8AM to 6PM at our Chesterfield garage near Sheffield.

Telephone: 01246 455 863

a car on a ramp getting a free tyre check at excel
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