Car Servicing Guide Check & Replace


Vehicle Servicing Components

Engine Oil

old engine oil draining from a vauxhall car into a large safe plastic container

A vehicles engine oil is responsible for lubricating your car engine whilst it is running. You should change your engine oil at least every 6 months if your car travels high mileage. For average mileage change the oil annually.

Engine Oil Filter

close up of a shiny new ford engine oil filter

Your car engines oil is forced around many areas of your engine under high pressure. Over time deposits build up which would be catastrophic if the oil filter was not present or becomes full. We have many customers who call in regular just for an oil and oil filter change.

Spark Plugs

set of high quality replacement car spark plugs

Ceramic or porcelain, platinum or copper as well as double & triple electrode they all essentially perform the same function. They literally just provide a spark to ignite your engines fuel / air mixture. Although the quality of plug does have an effect on performance and economy we recommend you use spark plugs listed by your vehicle manufacturer.

Air Filter

close up of a new vauxhall air filter about to be fitted in a van

Fuel is mixed with air in your engines combustion chamber to increase the efficiency and power gained from the ignited mixture. Obviously we don’t want any particles entering here, hence the air filter. Change them regardless when your car manufacturer schedules them.

Fuel Filter

close up of a new fuel filter being fitted to a vauxhall car

Your fuel is filtered to prevent unwanted particles entering the injection system and ultimately the combustion chamber. These days fuel filters are usually much more substantial than original filters which were just folds of card in glass.

Pollen Filter

close up of a modern car pollen filter for an audi a4 engine

Many vehicles have pollen filters built into the air intake system. Like all filters they saturate over time and are much less effective so change yours when your manufacturer recommends.

Coolant Fluid

close up of a bmw coolant level reservoir showing the fill level

To keep your engine cool water is pumped around water channels designed into your engine. Over time the coolant which is a mixture of water and anti-freeze collects minute particles which degrades the cooling performance. If left long enough this can result in your engine overheating.

Cam Timing Belt

close up of a mechanic replacing a vehicles cambelt

When is my timing belt due for replacement is a question we get asked regular. The answer is listed in your car manufacturers data. Your timing belt keeps your engine in sync making sure the valves open at the correct time. Should this belt snap or jump the result could be catastrophic failure and big repair bills. Better to be safe than sorry, when is your timing belt next due?


a blue land rover geting its lights checked by an excel mechanic

A full check of all your vehicles exterior front back and side lights including: headlights (all beams), tail and brake lights, indicators and number plate lights.


bmw brakes being checked by our brakes specialist

Brake linings and disks fully inspected for any signs of wear, irregularities or potential failure along with all individual braking components.


close up of gearbox gears for a ford car

Check all gears for correct operation whilst listening for any noises. Check and lubricate gear linkage joints and examine links for damage such as kinks, bends or corrosion.


foot pressing a renault clutch pedal to the floor

Use your clutch pedal to very slowly start off and pay attention for high rpm verses normal speed. Change up to a higher gear and accelerate. Does your engine sound like it revs high before your vehicles movement catches up. Also check cables and linkages for damage, corrosion or obstruction.


uk tyre law measure indicating tyre tread legal limit

The U.K law states your tyres should have at least 75% of you tyres surface above 1.6mm tread depth. Check using a tyre depth checker which can be purchased from most garages. Check tyre condition for cracks, signs of perishing & damage.

Steering Fluid

close up of a fords steering fluid reservoir at correct fill level

Unscrew your steering fluid reservoir and inspect the fluid condition. Top up if necessary using the plastic level markings on the container.

Brake Fluid

mercedes brake fluid reservoir close up showing fliud is at the correct level and in good condition

Unscrew your brake fluid reservoir cap and check the condition and the fluid level against the marked scale on the reservoir side, adjust if required.


bmw dashboard being check for correct operation of all dials lights and switches

Fully check all vehicle instrumentation for correct operation including: dashboard lights, switches, gauges and dials.


audi car battery undergoing load testing

Check your battery terminals for signs of corrosion, damage and acid levels. We also check the battery condition with our load tester which tells us if your battery is in good condition or needs replacing.

Screen Wash

close up vauxhall screen washer bottle showing fill level

Top up your car screen wash fluid with water and a little screen wash regular to make sure you have wash wipes when you really need them.

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