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All About Wheels

Why Does My Car Not Feel Right?

a damaged car wheel in desperate need of replacement

Your car wheels rotate around a central hub which allows the entire vehicle to travel forwards. Simple right? Well not quite. Tremendous forces act on your wheels from your vehicles weight, occupants, acceleration, direction and of course gravity.

Top Car Wheel Problems

very effective special effects merging an old bmw wheel with a new bmw wheel
  1. Vibrations through your car steering wheel caused by one or more unbalanced wheel
  2. Vibrations through your car steering wheel, seat & vehicle body caused by one or more warped wheels
  3. Tyre scrubbing caused by excessive wheel tracking alignment
  4. Physical damage caused by curbing
  5. Accident damaged wheels
  6. Unsightly marks and blemishes
  7. No longer forms a tyre seal

Excel Automotives Car Garage Services For Chesterfield

New Wheels

new wheels for a classic volvo car having tyres fitted then off to balancing then fitted to the car

Wheel Problems

  • Broken Wheels
  • Shattered Wheels
  • Damaged Wheels
  • Warped Wheels
  • Wheels Unsightly
Expensive But Easily Broken

Your wheels are extremely well designed and manufactured to endure all you throw at them. But they are surprisingly easy to damage or completely ruin. An unexpected curb or grate can easily render your beautiful wheels as scarp.

Wheel Balancing

a mechanic balancing a car wheel on excels specialist wheel balancing machine

The Problem

As your wheels rotate any unbalanced weight is transmitted through your cars body reaching your steering wheel and in extreme cases your seat. These vibrations you feel are prematurely wearing your vehicles rubber mountings, bearings and mechanical joints.

The Fix

Your wheel is bolted onto specialist balancing equipment which rotates your wheel at various speeds to determine where and how much weight the wheel technician should attach.

Laser Wheel Alignment

illustration showing how a vehicle wheels are laser aligned

The Problem

Your car wheels don’t all just face fully forward. Your vehicles manufacturer recommends your front wheels be set to either ’toe in’ or ’toe out’. This really does mean your two front wheels are aligned to both face slightly inward are outwards. This actually gives our steering that wonderful feed back indicating what our front wheels are actually doing.

  • Car constant drives to one side that has to be correct by your steering
  • Poor road cornering
  • Tyre Scrubbing
The Fix

Lasers are temporarily fixed to all your cars wheels along with a series of mirrors that all culminate on 2 scales. The mechanic can now adjust your wheels alignment with your track rod ends. Once this is done your car will feel more stable on the roads, corner much better and safer and your steering wheel will return to it’s center point upon cornering once more.

Wheel Facts

a very diry old volvo wheel close up

Did You Know?

  • Your wheels support all your vehicle’s weight including passengers and luggage.
  • Tremendous loads act on your car wheels but even worse these loads are unleashed in all directions trying to squash, stretch, push and pull your wheels just as you drive around normally.
  • Your car wheels don’t actually point straight, even when you are driving in a straight line.

The Full Set Of Wheel Services

  • Ford
  • Vauxhall
  • Volvo
  • Citroen
  • Volkswagon

Excel Wheels Experts

Until our everyday transport can fly we are stuck with wheels and tyres. Your car’s manufacturer designed your wheels specifically for your car, taking into account dimensions, weight and longevity. We can replace all or any of your wheels.

excel mechanic repairing and cleaning an old ford vehicle wheel rim ready to accept a new tyre

Wheel You Wait

  • Genuine Manufacturers Replacement Wheels
  • Tyres Swapped Over
  • Big Savings On Main Dealers
  • Waiting Area With TV & Drinks
  • Selection Of After Market Wheels

Replacement Wheels

Wheels can be a real pain to source and replace. Especially if your car has suffered a broken wheel. We can supply, fit the appropriate tyres and fit your new wheel or wheels to your car. Genuine manufacturers replacement wheels and also after market wheel sets are available for most vehicle manufacturers.

If you need us

If you need your car wheels replacing with genuine or after market wheels or you have 1 or more broken wheels you can call us on: Telephone: 01246 455 863. You can get your car wheels repaired or replaced Monday, Tuesday & Friday from 8AM to 5PM and Wednesday & Thursday 8AM to 6PM at our Chesterfield garage near Sheffield.

Telephone: 01246 455 863

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